Student’s go-to writing platform to fix their language errors, improve grades and save time.

Writing proficiency remains a challenge for millions of high school and college students. It is vital for career success after graduation and this is an area where can assist them with communicating confidently in English.

Proofread instantly to catch mistakes and save time.

Grammar Suggestions

Get rid of grammar, spelling, and other writing flaws. Do you require a grammatical check? can do all of this and more. Examine your essay for errors in writing that could damage your grade.

Spelling Mistakes & Misplaced Punctuations

You’re undoubtedly aware that checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation. But when you use, we don’t simply tell you where the comma belongs; we tell you why?

Definition, Synonyms, & Antonyms

Learn new words with’s Definition, Synonyms and Antonyms Feature.

When you double-click a word in the Editor, it will provide several definitions of the term and synonyms for each. You can locate synonyms and antonyms for your phrases and the nuances of what they mean.


Clarity suggestions from will help you discover how few words you genuinely need to communicate what you mean. It assists you in writing in an active voice while removing overused or unnecessary phrases from the text.

Performance Report

It will help you determine the areas in the content which requires attention through scores, statistics, readability scores, and vocabulary assessments.

Pre-defined templates

Choose from template library.

The pre-defined templates for essay, cover letter, and reference letter outlines set the skeleton of the content and save ample of time while writing.

Tone Detection

Strike the right tone

Understand whether your writing is positive, negative or neutral.

Emotion Detection

Target right emotions

Understand your writing’s emotional appeal before publishing it.

Personal Dictionary

Create a list of custom words such as Acronyms (ASAP), Company names (AmberCo), Person names (E.g. Kinchin Pu), Specific spellings (E.g. Madam) etc. which can be considered as misspellings or grammar errors. When you add a term to your personal dictionary, the editor will disregard it while reading your content. If you want the editor to detect the term again, just remove it from your personal dictionary.


Create snippets for reusable phrases, sentences, or even entire paragraphs that you may effortlessly put into your text to save time when using them.

How helps students to write confidently, improve their grade, and save time? writing assistant addresses the multiple facets of writing issues, and their checks go beyond grammar and spell checking. It solves numerous pain points, such as grammar errors, misspellings, lack of engagement, and inconsistency, for English as a Second Language Learners, and an even larger addressable market of students with regular proofreading needs.’s goal is to provide services to students throughout the writing process and offer tools to write better English and save time.

The assistant uses artificial intelligence to enhance writing and provides automated suggestions for style, clarity, readability, word choice, redundancy, grammar, punctuation, spelling, synonyms, antonyms, and word meaning. It flags issues while writing and offers suggestions to correct or improve them instantly to enhance students’ writing abilities.

With English becoming a global language and English as a second language learners outnumbering native English speakers, the demand for writing and proofreading tools has increased manifold worldwide. helps students write faster and better.

Using its many advance features, can help you become a better writer, whether you’re composing essays, research papers, reports, or dissertations. To help students improve various aspects of their writing, provides a suite of writing services, including a grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker, automated writing suggestions, and a readability auto-scoring system. It uses machine learning to help with fundamental writing, spelling and grammar checks, reading levels, snippets, personal dictionaries, and pre-made templates for essays, cover letters, and references. users include ESL learners, students, tutors, professors, research scholars, bloggers, authors, marketers, and professionals. The platform is widely used in more than 75+ countries. Its active users come from the UK, USA, India, Finland, Nigeria, China, Spain and Portugal.

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  • Client Image

    In this world of rapidly written short messages that we now use to communicate, it is very easy to use a few words carelessly and give a wrong impression. This tool is a perfect way of checking you are creating the sentiment that you intend.

    • Steve Barlow
    • Cambridge Entrepreneur and Impulse Programme Mentor
  • Client Image

    I found the system remarkably simple to use, and beautifully effective and helpful. I always try to make my writing warm and positive, but it showed me areas where I could be more engaging and empathetic, and that has helped my work hit just the right note.

    • Simon Hall
    • Director, Creative Warehouse, complete communication consultancy ~ Tutor, University of Cambridge ~ Columnist, Business Digest Magazine ~ Author ~ Business and communication coach, mentor & trainer
  • Client Image

    I have had the privilege of using the beta version of Upcopy's AI powered Content Assistant over the last few weeks. My initial impression is that they have stuck a goldmine with this wonderful utilitarian tool. In a world where we are sending out much more content on a daily basis, one unintentional bad piece can ruin reputations or create angst among the stakeholders. This tool eliminates the probability of misrepresentation of published content as you are able to have a second opinion on the emotion and tonality of the same. A must have tool for anyone who needs to communicate with external and internal stakeholders constantly.

    • Anil S Nair
    • Investor, Mentor & Corporate Advisor
  • Client Image

    Upcopy's product is invaluable and the team are executing it with great efficiency, innovation and effectiveness.

    • Alpesh Patel OBE
    • DEALMAKER, Global Entrepreneur Programme, Department for International Trade, UK
  • Client Image

    Communication is the lifeblood of our daily routines, sharing our thoughts, ideas and emotions with the work colleagues and friends. Upcopy's content assistant is a great tool, making you aware of your written communication styles and improve your skills effectively. It is fascinating, enjoyable and very useful!

    • Yupar Myint
    • Head of Entrepreneurship at Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge

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