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Cambridge, England – Feb 1, 2023 – Upcopy.ai is a new writing platform that fixes your writing — catching grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, offering suggestions for clarity, synonyms, antonyms, and definitions, and giving you the option to understand your content’s tone and emotions.

upcopy.ai( AI writing assistant, grammar checker, thesaurus) product screenshot
upcopy.ai product screenshot

The platform helps individuals improve their writing abilities, and their checks go beyond grammar and spelling corrections. With features like personal dictionary, snippets, and pre-defined templates for essays, cover letters, emails, and letters of recommendation, content writers can save working hours and fast-track their writing tasks confidently using pre-defined content templates and custom style guides.

Since its launch in last December, upcopy.ai has gained users from over 30 countries, with the most active users coming from the USA, UK, India, Finland, Germany, Nigeria, France, Ukraine, China, Spain, and Portugal. It makes upcopy.ai, a global B2C platform. Their user base includes ESL learners, students, professors, research scholars, bloggers, authors, marketers, and business professionals.

Cambridge (UK) based AI startup Citispotter developed this proprietary writing platform in-house, and the tech is trained over millions of data points. It is a global SaaS platform that comes with a 14-day free trial and offers EdTech writing and analysis tools that utilize artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


Last year, the startup got funding from Essex University. Before that, the startup was bootstrapped by its founders. The technology behind the upcopy.ai platform leverages start-of-the-art AI, which was not easy to develop. It takes deep domain expertise in natural language processing. During the development phase, they got assistance from British universities, including Bettany Centre (Cranfield University), Accelerate Cambridge (Entrepreneurship Centre, Cambridge University), and Essex University. 

Instead of putting all its focus on one single area of problems faced by most writers, such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation, the startup claims to serve as one of the most comprehensive platforms with several tools dedicated to strengthening as well as elevating the writing skills of its widespread userbase and making it simple and affordable globally.

Upcopy.ai is an AI-based EdTech writing platform that offers the most advanced writing tools that go beyond grammar and spelling checking: readability checker, emotion and tone checker, clarity checker, thesaurus (synonyms, antonyms, and word definitions), snippets, personal dictionary, word counter, and custom style guides.

The Days Ahead

According to TeachingEnglishOnline.com.au, the global online English-as-a-second language (ESL) learning market in 2022 will be worth up to $10 billion. The online ESL market has grown tremendously amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, with the global education market reaching over USD 10 trillion or more by 2030.

Upcopy.ai will soon launch features like a gender-inclusive checker, plagiarism checker, sentence paraphraser, team snippets, and chrome extension. The platform strives to become the one-stop-shop for writing via its highly productive and efficiency-enhancing writing platform.

The startup was recently listed on the Cofinitive #21toWatch 2023 Longlist, which features emerging and innovative startups in the United Kingdom. They are also the winner of “The Pioneer Award in Content Writing Technology 2022” and “the Grand Prize Winner (UN SDG Goal 5 Equality Track) at Oslo Innovation Week 2020”.

Limited-time Promotional Offer

Upcopy.ai has introduced the Lite plan at $99.99/year. They are currently running a limited-time promotional offer, where users can purchase the yearly subscription at a massively discounted price of only $29.99/year, saving an additional 70% on the standard price. Use the promo code PR70ESL at the checkout to take advantage of the promotion.

This plan is specially created for English as second language users or non-native English speakers because it includes essential features such as grammar, spelling and punctuation checker, passive/active voice checker, reading level checker, word and character counter, reading time, thesaurus (synonyms, antonyms, and definitions), personal dictionary, snippets, and pre-defined templates (for essay, cover letter, letter of reference, and statement of purpose).

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