Good news, everyone! We’ve just launched the latest version of

Now, our editor can help you learn English! Here are our lovely new features. The new web app now includes Synonyms, Antonyms and Definition features. You can use our synonyms and antonyms database to boost vocabulary. Just double-click on a word to display it’s meaning and a list of its synonyms and antonyms.


We aim to help you improve your vocabulary even while you’re just surfing the web. After you login into our web app, double-click on any unknown term to look it up in’s definitions database.


A synonym is a term with the similar meaning of another word.

Synonyms are organised into groups for your convenience. The groupings are shown in accordance with the context of a statement. The functionality is available in the web app, so you can view synonyms wherever you write.

NB: When you write something on the web, synonyms are displayed in so-called text spaces. This means can now help you choose a better term to improve your content!

While surfing the web, you can learn new terms.

How often have you become caught on an obscure word while surfing the web? When you come across an unfamiliar term, the common solution is to copy and paste it into Google or an online dictionary. But what if you’re reading a lengthy piece? You quickly became bored with copying, pasting, and flipping from page to page.


An antonym is a term with the opposite meaning of another word.

Check Antonyms for words with with double click on any word in the text editor.

More than 200,000 English words may now be looked up online and their definitions checked with Meaning, Synonyms and Antonyms Feature.

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