Writing begins when you start putting words on paper or into a word processor. After the initial draft, you edit your work to make it clear, engaging, and error-free. It can become a challenging task, mainly if you also serve as your own editor.

upcopy.ai writing assistant performance report
upcopy.ai writing assistant performance report

Therefore, at upcopy.ai, we provide you with a comprehensive collection of tools to help improve your writing, including thorough suggestions, personalised writing objectives, and comprehensive performance reports. These performance reports, through scores, word counts, readability scores, and vocabulary assessments, in particular, will help you determine just how simple it is to read your work.

How can the various components of the performance report assist you in your writing? Let’s take a look at each one individually.

Word Count

This part contains not only the number of words and characters but also the number of sentences, reading length, and reading time. These additional metrics can help you adapt your email, blog post, or speech to your target audience, ensuring your message doesn’t get lost in the noise.

Readability Score

Your readability score indicates how easily your readers will grasp your text. For public-facing writing, a Grade Level of 8 or lower is suitable. 85% of the general audience will be able to read and grasp your work at Grade Level 8. You may learn more about how this feature works on our page on readability scores.

Emotion and Tone

 Language correction is not enough to increase conversions and ROI; you must engage with your audience on a deeper level via empathy. Our technology allows you to use tone and emotion analysis to improve the readability and engagement of your content.


 With our upcopy.ai writing assistant, identifying passive sentences makes it easier. Using active voice for most of your sentences helps readers understand your meaning and saves your sentences from getting overly confusing or wordy. Even in scientific writing, using the passive voice excessively might obscure the meaning of your statements.  


Our AI-powered writing assistant assists you in developing inclusive content to present you as a forward-thinking person and improve your connection with consumers by providing the material that appeals to a wider audience.

 Grammar and Spelling 

The online grammar checker at Upcopy.ai checks your work for all kinds of mistakes, from typos to sentence structure issues and more.

Upcopy.ai is more than simply a grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker. It is a complete writing tool that can help you create clear, precise English to impress your readers. Upcopy.ai assists you in improving your writing skills by correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, as well as sentence structure flaws, misspelt words, typos, and other issues.

With the Download Performance Report, you will get access to detailed analysis as shown below:

upcopy.ai detailed performance report page 1
upcopy.ai detailed performance report page 1
upcopy.ai detailed performance report page 2
upcopy.ai detailed performance report page 2
upcopy.ai detailed performance report page 3
upcopy.ai detailed performance report page 3

Upcopy.ai is a writing assistant that helps users improve their writing abilities with its 360-content analysis and real-time suggestions. It offers grammar and spelling checker, emotion and tone analyzer, readability checker, clarity checker, word and character counter, gender-inclusive language analyzer, personal dictionary, performance report, word synonyms, antonyms and meaning to help users to produce clear, error-free, engaging, consistent and easy-to-read content.

We are currently providing 14-days free trial. Content writers can sign up by visiting upcopy.ai or email to contact@upcopy.ai for queries.

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