Cambridge [United Kingdom], 8th March 2023

The new AI writing assistant addresses the multiple facets of writing issues, and their checks go beyond grammar and spell checking. It solves numerous pain points, such as grammar errors, misspellings, lack of engagement, and inconsistency, for non-native English speakers and an even larger addressable market of students with regular proofreading needs.

Writing proficiency remains a challenge for millions of high school and college students. However, it is vital for success in the career after graduation. This is an area where can assist them with communicating confidently in English.

The startup’s goal is to provide services to students throughout the writing process and offer tools to write better English and save time.

The assistant uses artificial intelligence to enhance writing and provides automated suggestions for style, clarity, readability, word choice, redundancy, grammar, punctuation, spelling, synonyms, antonyms, and word meaning. It flags issues while writing and offers suggestions to correct or improve them instantly to enhance students’ writing abilities.

With English becoming a global language and non-native speakers outnumbering native speakers, the demand for writing and proofreading tools has increased manifold. helps students write better and faster.

Whether you’re writing essays, research papers, reports, or dissertations, can help you become a better writer through its many advanced features. To help students improve various aspects of their writing, provides a suite of writing services, including a grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker, automated writing suggestions, and readability auto-scoring system. It uses machine learning to help with fundamental writing, spelling and grammar checks, reading levels, snippets, personal dictionaries, and pre-made templates for essays, cover letters, and reference letters.

Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation

You’re undoubtedly aware that checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation. But when you use, it doesn’t simply tell you where the comma belongs; but it also tells you why.


Clarity suggestions from will help you discover how few words you genuinely need to communicate what you mean. It assists in identification of passive voice while removing overused or unnecessary phrases from the text.


When you double-click a word in the Editor, it will provide several definitions of the term. You can locate synonyms and antonyms for your words and the nuances of what they mean.

English Variants

Our grammar and spelling correction works across all variations of English language: American, British, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand.

Personal Dictionary

This feature offers exceptions for words that you might commonly use but that are not found in a conventional English dictionary.

Performance Report

It helps in determining the content areas which requires attention and offers scores, statistics, readability grade, and vocabulary assessments.

Templates Library

The pre-defined templates for essay, cover letter, reference letter etc. set the skeleton of the content and save ample time while writing.

Recent Developments users include ESL learners, students, tutors, professors, research scholars, bloggers, authors, marketers, and professionals. The platform is widely used in more than 75+ countries. Its active users come from the UK, USA, India, Finland, Nigeria, China, Spain and Portugal.

During its developmental phase, the tool got assistance from British universities, including Cambridge University, Cranfield University, and Essex University.

The startup recently signed an MOU with the Uttar Pradesh Government to offer its AI writing assistant to university students to fix their writing for personal and professional enhanced writing. They are also in discussion with UK, India and Finland based universities and a London based news regulator.

The platform is currently offering a 14-days free trial. Students can sign up for the free trial by visiting or email to for any queries.

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